Psychotherapy: Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Are you ready to take on old patterns getting in the way of your goals? Is it time to try something different, even better? At Baltimore Minds, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy can help you explore what you want to change. You can discover ways to try new things at the pace and in the way that suits you.

Mindfulness definitions differ. In psychotherapy with me, it means having a space where your thoughts, emotions, and actions can be expressed and examined in an accepting way. If you choose, meditation can be part of the session. Cognitive behavioral therapy provides tools to help you the ways your behaviors are guided by your habitual thoughts and ways of thinking.

Therapy issues vary. People often seek help for:

Sleep problems
Adult ADHD and/or LDs
Anxiety and stress
Depression and grief
Relationship issues (partner or family of origin)

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Everyone has different goals and needs.

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Together we'll find the approach that's best for you.

Payment, Fees, and Out-of-Network Claim Submission

Baltimore Minds is a fee-for-service psychotherapy practice.

Clients pay at each appointment (cash, check, or credit card).

Each month, you'll receive a payment record. You may then seek reimbursement independently through your insurance. OR, for $10 a month, out-of-network forms will be submitted for you. Please consult your carrier before starting therapy to find out your benefits and the potential for reimbursement.