Educational Testing at Baltimore Minds

Schedule your educational testing or ADHD screening at Baltimore Minds. Immediate openings are available to address concerns about school or work performance. Find strengths to build on. View problem areas in new ways. Dr. Denise Bike, a licensed psychologist, personally conducts all testing. Evening and weekend hours are available.

Educational testing. IQ and achievement testing, intake interview, and rule-out of mental health issues. Diagnostic tests of reading, writing, and math. Dr. Bike also reviews background data. $2500 flat rate for all four appts. (Add a brief ADHD screening for $500. Includes computerized tests and questionnaires.) Call 443-961-4690.

Interview (1 hr, Day 1)

Part one of testing (3-4 hrs, Day 1)
Part two of testing (3-4 hrs, Day 2)

Feedback session (1.5 hrs, Day 3)

Learning disabilities & executive functions

Attention deficits & impulsivity issues

Anxiety & mood disorders

Behavioral & conduct problems

ADHD screening. Computerized performance testing, processing speed and memory tests (auditory and visual). Additional data is derived from the clinical interview, background information, and standardized questionnaires. $850, flat rate.

Interview (1 hr, Day 1)
ADHD testing (2-3 hrs, Day 1)
Feedback session (50 min, Day 2)

A full psychoeducational evaluation is not always needed. Check with your school. Check with the testing board. An ADHD screening may be sufficient. Find out, and then call for an appointment.

ADHD screenings are available for children, adolescents, and adults. 

Benefits of Testing

People often seek testing because it's required. They must prove there's a condition to get the services needed. Testing offers much more, though. Yes a diagnosis, if met, is given. But in-depth analysis also reveals patterns of strengths and areas of weakness. Testing can uncover the clues to succeeding.

After the feedback session, Dr. Bike's clients often remark that they have a deeper understanding of their child or of themselves. Things that seemed random fall into place. "That really hits home! You get it."

Testing, done well, can put together 'puzzle pieces' that have long been jumbled. Testing, done right, can provide a clear picture. From there, you can make a workable plan to move forward.


Find strengths to build on.

educational testing symbol

View problem areas in new ways.

Payment and Fees

Baltimore Minds is a fee-for-service practice. You pay at the time of services. (Cash, check, or credit card.) A payment record (called a "superbill") is provided after payment clears. CPT codes appear on the bill. These are medical codes used by the insurance company. You can submit out-of-network claims using the superbill. Please consult your carrier before initiating testing to find out your benefits and the potential for reimbursement.

Turn-around time for your written report:
Standard turnaround is three weeks. This begins the date full payment clears and collateral data is received. That data includes records and teacher, parent, or partner interviews.
Rush delivery is one week. This begins the date full payment clears and collateral data is received. Add $250 for rush.

Half of the balance is due by your first appointment.

This starts the testing.

The remaining balance is due in full before scoring and report writing begin.

There are some specialty testing services I do not provide (listed below). These providers do. Contact them to see if they can serve your needs.

Autistic spectrum. Kennedy Krieger Institute, 844-334-3211

Gifted & talented. The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, 410-735-6238

Neuropsychological testing. Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital, 410-367-2222

Forensic & custody evaluations. Psych Experts & Associates, 410-777-8130

Eating disorders. The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt, 410-938-5252

Want to know more?

You can call Dr. Bike at 443-961-4690.

We'll discuss your questions.

And you can schedule an appointment.