ADHD: Testing and Treatment

Want to know if you have ADHD?

ADHD testing, for all ages. Includes tests of auditory and visual processing, verbal and non-verbal working memory. Also, you will have a clinical interview and complete questionnaires. Dr. Bike charges one flat rate for the intake, testing, written report, and feedback session ($850).

Ready for ADHD treatment?

Treatment for adults with ADHD. Includes skill-building focused on executive functions. Co-occurring conditions are common, so Dr. Bike also uses CBT & insight-oriented approaches. Treatment begins with an intake interview ($200 for that session). Follow-up sessions are $150.

ADHD testing is for children, teens, and adults.

Evening and weekend hours are available. Call 443-961-4690.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

• Trouble starting and persisting on daily tasks

• Hyperfocusing on projects of interest, and losing track of time

• Procrastinating big tasks because you don't know where to start and feel overwhelmed

• Having trouble controlling your temper and your reaction to stress

• Being distracted by thoughts or outside interruptions

• Losing friends because you can't keep up with your calendar and communication

• Forgetting appointments and important dates

• Trouble prioritizing multiple projects and to-do’s

ADHD and Executive Functions

Adult ADHD looks and feels different than it did in childhood. ADHD is now seen as an executive function disorder. Simply put, executive functions are the mental skills that help you get things done. Planning and organizing. Starting and finishing tasks. Even managing your emotions. In adulthood, these higher order skills help you get through the day. This is why many first recognize the symptoms as adults. How can Dr. Bike's Work Sessions or Do-It Days help you?

Work Sessions with Dr. Bike. A work session is a form of therapy session in which you bring in a task that you’ve had difficulty completing on your own. This may be doing your bills, developing lesson plans, clearing your email inbox, making phone calls, drafting a white paper. Those are just a few examples of how clients have used a work session. Step by step, Dr. Bike will assess your process and help you troubleshoot for the ways in which executive function issues may be interfering. Not only does the task get started in the session (and possibly completed), but over time you develop awareness of your unique way of getting things done. Only at Baltimore Minds.

Dr. Bike's Do-It Days. Join Dr. Bike for her exclusive program: Do-It Days to help you get your tasks done. Strategize with Dr. Bike by phone consult during the week. Then bring in those tasks that just don't get done: emails, bills, papers, whatever won't get off your to-do list. Knock it out using productivity methods specially designed for people with ADHD. Only at Baltimore Minds.

ADHD is not a problem with volition or knowledge. 

You know what to do. You want to do it. 

Your brain won't let you take the steps.

Is Adult ADHD real?

People may say, “We all have problems with those things. Get over it. Life is stressful, and we all get behind.” This is true, to a point. At our most stressed and over-scheduled, all adults can temporarily fall into these patterns. But for adults with attention problems, these issues are chronic. They don't just stop. Even when the pressure's off, the brain will not cooperate for what seem to be the simplest things.

View this video by Russell Barkley for more insight about attention problems and executive functions.

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ADHD Testing and Treatment: Payment Policies

Baltimore Minds is a fee-for-service practice. Clients pay at each appointment (cash, check, or credit card). After the payment for your services has cleared, you are provided with a "superbill" that contains information needed to pursue reimbursement from your insurance provider. Dr. Bike is not in network. Reimbursement cannot be guaranteed. Please check with your provider prior to beginning services to determine coverage.