Adult with ADHD, feeling frazzled

Adult ADHD, Testing & Treatment

Adult ADHD looks and feels different than it did in childhood. Today, ADHD is seen as an executive function disorder. People often have problems: • Starting and finishing projects • Managing time and finances • Procrastinating due to overwhelm • Relationships and emotional control Adult ADHD Testing & Treatment (cont.)...

Educational Testing

Assessment of learning and mental health issues is available for students concerned about their school performance. Build on your strengths. Find new ways to manage problem areas. Educational testing and psychological assessment are offered in the following areas: • Learning disorders & ADHD • Anxiety & mood disorders • Behavioral & conduct problems Educational Testing (cont.)... educational testing: students taking ADHD and dyslexia test Woman considering cognitive behavioral therapy

Psychotherapy for Adults

Life can be unnecessarily difficult when old patterns interfere with our lives now. Are you ready to do something different, possibly better? In individual psychotherapy, we'll explore your goals and find personalized solutions for meeting them at the pace and in the way that suits you. • Sleep problems • Anxiety & stress • Depression & grief • Relationship issues & family Psychotherapy (cont.)...

Career Counseling & Career Tests

Who are you? Why are you here? How will you express your true self in work and life? These lifelong questions are so fruitful to keep asking and answering. Whether you're just starting out or seeking changes mid-career, we'll explore these questions and more in career counseling.
• Interests, skills, & values
• Dreams, goals, & passions
• Exploring options & taking action

Careers (cont.)...

man considering career counseling and career tests

Contact Dr. Bike to discuss any questions you have. You can find out more about the psychological services offered at Baltimore Minds. These include therapy, career counseling and career tests, and educational testing (commonly used to determine conditions like learning disorders and ADHD). Dr. Bike is a licensed psychologist whose private practice is located in the Roland Park area of Baltimore.